Preparing The Meat: How We Employ AI to Cook Better Content

October 13, 2023

As one of Australia’s premier web3 marketing agencies, we’re always on the lookout for new tools that can enhance our efficiency and effectiveness. In that regard, AI has proven to be an absolute game-changer. Here at twodoor HQ, we've been having a blast discovering new ways to leverage AI to cook up better results for our clients.

When we first dipped our toes into the world of Chat-GPT, it felt like we were cavemen discovering fire—mesmerized by the limitless potential. We thought "Sweet! Now we can just click run and go play ping-pong all day!"

Of course, as we integrated AI into our daily work, we quickly became familiar with its limitations. It's amazing at some things and terrible at others. Specifically, when it comes to crafting unique, creative content, we were relieved to know that we still have job security—for at least a few more months.

Still, despite its limitations, AI has become a trusty sidekick. We see it as a sous-chef, handling the mundane prep work so that we, the head chefs, can focus on the art of cooking. Timesaving throughout the ideation and content creation process, we've afforded ourselves more time to refine and perfect the final product, with the end goal of serving up the best results for our clients always in mind.

Our AI Recipe for Success

Brainstorming Ideas

ChatGPT helps us cook up a smorgasbord of creative ideas and concepts for our marketing campaigns. While it often generates bland suggestions for names, website heroes, and taglines, this helps us recognize what doesn’t work and why more quickly, allowing us to hone in on what truly good ideas look and sound like.

In marketing, it excels at doing the leg work on fleshing out strategies, and when we want a laugh, we ask it to conjure up wild guerrilla marketing tactics. Sadly we've been too circumspect to pull the trigger on any of them just yet.

Article Outlining

AI whips up well-structured article outlines in a snap, providing a solid foundation for our writers to build upon. With just a few minutes of stream-of-consciousness input, we're served a well-rounded, article structure that makes our writing process smoother than ever.

For me as a writer, building a well-rounded, evenly-weighted article structure is one of my weaknesses, and thanks to Chat-GPT, I now never have to worry about fixing that! Thank you Daddy Altman!


Scouring the web for sources can be mind-numbing, making it the perfect task automation. AI assists us in conducting extensive research on industry trends, competitors, and target audience preferences. Although Chat-GPT can't access the internet or current data, tools like AutoGPT help us overcome these limitations. This allows us to not only train our own models but allow them to tap into the web to conduct up-to-date research.

Demystifying Complex Concepts

Web3 can be baffling, but if we want to engage the next billion users, we need to make it more digestible. AI is a fantastic tool for transforming intricate crypto tech and concepts into simple, easy-to-understand metaphors and ideas. With a little fine-tuning, we can serve up complex ideas in bite-sized pieces that anyone can enjoy.

Social Media Content

For budget-conscious clients, AI helps us repurpose existing content into concise, engaging social media posts. Just feed an article to Chat-GPT and watch it transform into a few digestable tweets. This optimization lets our clients reach a wider audience and boost their online presence without breaking the bank.

Copy Refinement

Since we founded twodoor, we've remained committed to triple-checking every piece of copy we release, and while we'll never replace our manual editing process with AI, it offers yet another set of eyes for reviewing. In fact, we've found that it does especially well in suggesting improvements to grammar, tone, and style, giving us confidence that our articles and social media posts are the best they can be.

The Secret Sauce: Original Thought

While AI brings plenty of advantages to the table, we understand (and are thankful) that it can't replace the value of our human expertise and original thought—for now.

As we began using AI more and more, we came together as a company to agree on simple rule for using it: Use AI to create better content, rather than to create content faster.

The trick is to balance AI and human input: let it do the prep work so that you can focus everything on plating up the perfect dish 🍝

Ben Hofmeyer
twodoor marketing

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